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Kitchen Led faucet

规格:  GR- F004


Product information

规格 GR- F004
LED Quantity: 3 LEDs
LED Colour: Green/Blue/Red (Three colours)
Material: Copper Material 
Casing Colour: metal colour
Size: φ40MM*60MM
Weight(N.W) 123g
Regular Working hydraulic pressure: 0.06~0.6MPA
Regular Working water flow: 100~200kg/hour
Products Feature: 1、The product buit-in device for mini generating electricity,illuminated by water without battery,the light will go out when the water was turned off.The illuminated colour will change according to the water temperiture. A.Between 0~29℃ , the LED faucet light will emit Green colour;B.Between 30~38℃, the LED faucet light is Blue clour;   C. Above 39℃, the LED faucet light will emit Red colour                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
2、3 LED is RGB LEDs, emitting 3 colors by each LED.
3、Our products have excellent function in the are of water saving.In the connection of the top,setting a water saving and filter systems.